An open letter to your current goal.

Photo by NASA on Unsplash

An open letter to your current goal.

Dear Goal,

I see you in front of me. For our readers who can’t see you yet because you only live in my eyes (until you are a reality), I’m going to describe you as a video game. In a video game that has multiple levels, playing and winning each level unlocks the next one until the final victory.

As a video game, you are perfect, full of strategy, a tough nut to crack, and hard to tame without skillful thinking. Each level of yours requires new skills to crack the unforeseen, so preparation is a must and with each level, preparation becomes more advanced and complex. You are going to push me off my limits.

But Isn’t you playing hard to get, makes you more attractive. I’m not the only one who craves for you, there are a million others with better brains and experience, continuously working hard day and night for you. You are breathtaking, aren’t you? I’m the newest member of their cult, still trying to gain balance with my shivering feet. I want you to slow down for me, would you? Me writing this blog, itself says a lot about how much I am seduced by you and how much I want you.

You are so full of wisdom, I’m sure playing with you will make me learn a lot. You truly make my world a better bad place, yeah seriously, look at where I am right now, it’s a mess, any accomplishment makes it better than before.

To be honest, I have doubts about my success. I don't know whether I will achieve you or not. But I do know that to reach any goal, one requires self-confidence and hard work, at this time I am draining of confidence as I think about the heights of your complexity. I see all the shiny aspects of your glory, but I do know they don’t come easy. Even I have made a list of things about what you are gonna bring into my life and it looks so ideal. The more ideal the list is, the more it scares me. Scary because it makes me want you even more, but knowing your complexity and my ability, the slightest possibility of me achieving you becomes a rare chance. It’s the need of the hour, I have to boost my confidence with small victories and I have to keep doing that until the end. I have to keep flowing every day.

A journey to you is going to be a beautiful one. See you soon.

Background: This post is a part of continuing series named “Thinking out loud” where I try to express my thoughts in words, so far it covers tech subjects and life aspects. And Like It’s well said that ”If you want to understand something, well explain it simply”. Enjoy reading, your feedback is welcome.